Some live recordings​.​.​.

by L'Œil De La Chute

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Quelques trucs enregistrés en concert / Some stuff recorded live.
Incroyable, non? / Incredible, isn't it?

Un album devrait voir le jour fin 2015 / An album should come out round the enf of 2015.


released November 24, 2014




L'Œil De La Chute Belfort, France

L’œil de la Chute c'est David et Gep, deux guitares et de la voix. On ne fait pas de Blues millésimé comme il faut, on n'se carre pas le Folk traditionnel, ni l'Indie-truc, on tente quelque chose de spécial.
L'oeil de la Chute is a duet, David and Gep, two guitars, two buddies, and some vocals. We love Blues and Rock and so many more but we just try to do our own thing. Something special. Period.
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Track Name: Times Beach
Road trip, smokin' ten thousand cigs.

One per mile. One per broken thought.

No single look side by side in the car.

A few words lost in the hunger's garden.

We drive to Times Beach.

Find its dry ground, poisoned soil.

Catch some beers, there's no turning back.

Wev'e played the last note ending into a feedback. Back.

Feedback of worried treebles.

And we left our guitars behind

We left our guitars behind

The piano in the cellar collecting dust.

Fields of stones, chemical moon

And we put on our plastic shoes.

(And sing two different songs.)

In the sea at Times Beach

Did my parents look at me

Going in the water with dead fishes?

Swimming with my ears...

Show my white belly to the sun

And make it burn slow.
Track Name: People Are So Noisy
I won't go home


That ugly city

Is not for me

I won't stay

By the window

Listening to their

Angry lives

Finding them

Alibis and excuses

For being so mad

For being so sad

For being such a bunch of dumb asses

Let 'em live and let 'em die

But far from me, please

'Cause people are so noisy

People are so noisy.

The only thing that could make me move

Is watching the great show

Watch it all burn down in flames

The devil has its ways

It speaks to me

Through the wind in the leaves

Through the very slow growing of the grass

Through the calm power of the trees

And through my great hate

Oh people I hate you

Oh people I hate you so much

Oh people I hate you

Oh people I hate you so much

Even friendship has gone

To its bitter cul-de-sac

Drunk and drowned

Into a cynical approach of our personal and common failures

Frustrated, castrated, humiliated

We couldn't build anything

We couldn't build anything

Oh my good friends I hate you

Oh my good friends I hate you so much

Oh my good friends I hate you

Oh my good friends I hate you so much

You make me remember me.

You make me remember me.

I have found a new faith

I have found a new faith

I believe in destruction

But makin' a mass massacre

Wouldn't change a thing

I know that.

We the mad ones

Haven't got

Enough bullets

For every skulls

So let's pray for change

Watching the trees


Like after the bombs

I won't go home

My heart is

Where I belong

In the humus, rotting

In the forest

Of my lost innocence

But now I'm a big man, yes I am

And I'm full of noises.